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Future Plan of the Organisation

  • To Introduce Sanskrit language in Madrasa

  • WPO is aiming at starting teaching of Sanskrit Language in Madarsas so that the graduates of Madarasas would be aware of the ancient language and culture of India.

  • To publish the monthly Hindi Magazine in lanrge number

  • To publish the monthly Hindi Magazine "SARVA SHANTI" in huge number with the purpose of carrying the message of peace to the maximum number of people.

  • To train the Peace ambassadors in an organized way

  • Mohammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of peace after whom the responsibility to convey the message of peace to those who are unaware, lies upon the Muslim community. Therefore the institute is planning to introduce one year Dawah course to prepare the persons who would be able to deliver the message of peace with awareness of its requirements.

  • To establish educational institutes

  • To establish Makatib and Madaris for the development and education of Muslims, and their economic and social welfare, and to open schools and colleges for the modern education and medical centers and institutions for the professional and vocational courses and to make efforts to establish institution in the Commercial fields which will help Muslims to preceed ahead in these field.

  • To Launch Media-Watch

  • In View of the Hindi and English newspapers articles that are often issued to disfigure Muslims and with the obescene things about religion, the institute is planning to bring in a media-watch, which will keep hawk-eye on those newspapers and simultaneously will encounter the concerned articles in the same newspapers.

  • To establish the department of Ma'hadul Ulama

  • The organisation has decided to open a department under the title of Ma;hadul Ulama, which, keeping in mind the mental attitude and economic condition of scholors from different Madarasas will explore their bright future, opportunities and fileds which can ensure their career. So that they can discharge the duties entrusted to them with a peaceful and prestigious environment. For instance to provide them guideline in the technical and professional fields, to equip them with English, Hindi, Italian and other regional languages and to train them in the print and electronic media.

  • Website in Hindi language to spread Peace

  • The majority of Indians is attached to Hindi Language. Hindi language is a language of communication and rich literature. WPO is planning to launch a websitein hindi language through which the Isalmic Dawah and its message for peace and security will be disseminated.

  • To conduct workshops and meetings in different languages

  • To organisation intends to conduct workshops for the students and teachers of the universities on the thriving topic in which the advantage will be taken intellectually from the opinion and research of each other there. The following topics have been given priority:
      A - The cocept of Peace and Franternity in the different religious books
      B - The concept of human rights in the different religious books
      C - The value of human being in the revealed text

  • To conduct dialogues among the scholars and leaders of different religious

  • It is necessary to meet particularly the priests and Hindu Spiritual leaders at a large scale. So that the misunderstanding about Religion and Muslims could be removed and gap between them could be bridged and the teachings of Peace about tolerance could be highlighted in an atmosphere where people of different religious are living together.

  • Printing Press

  • WPO is Planning to establish a printing press where along with publishing the books of intellectual Muslism thinkers and preachers, Dawah literature and other books pertaining religious and peace in the world will be published in Hindi, English, Urdu and other regional languages at a high strength for cause of Dawah.
    Appeal to the sympathizers of the humanity
    Brothers! The implementation of this project could be done only if you proceed with your full support. You help the organisation with whatever is possible to you, so that you yourself get success here in this world and the hereafter. By your support, the humankind, getting rid of falsehood would follow one true God and would be able to spend their prosperous and happy lives under the shade of just and peaceful system of religion.

    1. Through monthly and annual membership.
    2. Through sponsoring any project in the organisation
    3. Through directing kind-hearted people's attention towords the projects of the
    4. Through starting an apex center in your region or state
    5. Through your prayers (DU'AS)

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