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WPO in the eyes of the Elder Ulama

Appreciating and recognizing the tendency and demand of the contemporary world, the “World Peace Organization” has been established. It chiefly aims to promote a system based on peace and justice and bring whole mankind from the narrowness of this world to the broadness of the Hereafter. It is also one of the main objectives of the W. P. O. to make efforts to establish global peace by promoting feeling of  brotherhood among human beings irrespective of cast and color. If this objective is compared to the presence of Hazrat Rab’ee ibn Aamir (Rz.) in the court of Rustum and conversation between them, its importance and usefulness grow even more and become undeniable.

Hazrat Maulana Salim Qasmi
Rector Darul Uloom Waqf  Deoband, Voice president All India Muslim Personal Law Board
I am delighted to know that “Sarva Shanti” monthly is being published under World Peace Organization in Hindi language. This approach will surely be beneficial for Hindi audience and to me it is praise worthy step. May Allah grant success to W. P. O. in its all blissful efforts!

Hazrat Maulana Syed Muhammad Rabye Hasani
President All India Muslim Personal Law Board
In this age, dominated with vice and mischief, World Peace Organization is worthy of praise among the organizations making efforts to establish peace and harmony. May Allah grant success in the aims and objectives of the organization!

Hazrat Maulan Abdul Karim Parekh, Nagpur
In this age, the whole world is hell bent on the enmity of Islam and Muslim with all means and resources and make destructions in every respect. Thus it becomes necessary for Muslims to spread the true spirit of Islam in different languages.

I am pleased to know that Maulan Ijazur Rahman Shaheen Qasmi has started this work on behalf of World Peace Organization by launching a magazine in Hindi language with the name “Sarva Shanti”. This magazine represents various teachings of Islam in correct way.

I humbly pray to Allah to reward him the best and grant him success in this auspicious cause.

Hazrat Maulan Syed Arshad Madani
President Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind
One of the important objectives of the World Peace Organization is to promote the Islamic Culture and ethics among our fellow countrymen and still firmly the basic tenets of Islamic faith in their hearts. The organization is preaching the teachings of Islam to them through its journal “Sarva Shanty” monthly. This really deserves praise and tribute.

Hazrat Maulan Saeedur Rahman Al-Azmi Al-Nadvi
   Rector: Nadvatul Ulama, Lucknow

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