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WPO - Introduction

World Peace Organisation (WPO) is a non-government charitable organisation based on religious principals and ideas. It has a strong belief that religion guarantees for the welfare and salvation of human being in this world and the hereafter. It believes firmly that for the disturbing circumstances and the violent incidents, the whole world in general and our country in particular is passing through, religion is the only solution. If the humankind gets acquainted with the religious system of justice and implement it in his life, the peace would prevail in the whole world. The World Peace Organisation would try its best to introduce the comprehensive system of justice of Peace.

  • To Propagate and establish just and peaceful system of religion.
  • To take humankind away from the narrowness of the world to its wideness.
  • To make far-reaching efforts to wipe out al social and ethnical difference and to set up brotherhood and peace.

On-Going Activities

  • Publication of the “Sarva Shanti” monthly in Hindi language to bridge the gap between Muslims and Hindu and to remove misconceptions and doubts about religion from the minds of our countryman by preaching the message of Peace to them.
  • Direct meeting and holding dialogues with non-Muslims to remove misgivings and misunderstandings regarding religion from their minds.
  • Supplying sufficient help and providing knowledge to those interested in the noble work of Da’wa.
  • Establishment of “Quran Translation Centers” to create interest for the Holy Qur’an among people.
  • Making efforts to establish communal harmony by meeting the fair-minded countrymen.
  • Providing the education of Sanskrit language in Madrasas to serve and promote the Da’wa purpose.
  • Providing medical aid to needy people from time to time.
  • Financial support to the possible extent to widows, orphans and poor male and female students.
  • Organizing lectures, dialogues and symposiums.
  • Establishment of World Peace Organization Homeopathy Charitable Clinic for needy and poor.
  • Establishment of Ma’hadussalam to provide religious and modern education to Muslim students.
Sarva Shanti Hindi Monthly Magazine
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